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How to Impress Your Boss With One Page

November 2, 2008

One of my function is prepare papers for our boss, management or the board. These people are busy and may have enough time to read papers when attending a meeting. Some papers may have 20-30 pages and we don’t expect they will read all the pages. Normally, I will write an executive summary. An executive should be simple and interesting to read. The main issues and recommendations should be in the executive summary.


You should write the tittle at the top. You should use capital letters for the key words.
Example: How to Write a Good Report.

Suggestion: One or two sentences.


You should state what you want your boss to do with your paper when he read it? For example the paper needs decisions or just for information.

Suggestion: One paragraph with one or two sentences with not more than 5 lines.


You should write clearly what are issues that he should know. The most important issue should be written first, follow by the second most important issue…and so on.

Suggestion: 5-7 lines.


You should analyse for each issue. The main issue should be analysed first, follow by the second issue, and so on…

Suggestion: 10-15 lines.


Write your recommendations. Each line is for one recommendation. Put a number for each recommendation.

Suggestion: not more than 5-6 lines.


You should conclude the benefits the company will get from the recommendations.
For example, it would save company’s money; increase customer base; and make employees are happy.

Suggestion: 2-3 lines.

Corporate Planner

September 20, 2008

When I went back to Malaysia in 1992, again I was posted to Research and Planning Department as head of the Department. Since I joined the deparment in 1992, it was evolved  a few times. It was known as Economy Division, Research and Planning Division and Corporate Planning Division.

As a the head the department, I was responsible and involved in many policy matters which deal directly with top management, the Board, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), Ministry of Finance, Bank Negara Malaysia, Prime Minister Department and almost departments in the MOA (such as Agriculture Department, Fishery Department, LPP and FAMA.

As a corporate planner most of my times were involved in planning and managing plan of the Bank. These include strategic plan (3-5 years) and yearly plan. As a goverment body (when it was Bank Pertanian, Bank Pertanian was involved in preparing Government’s 5 Years Development Plan.

One of the major assignments was related restructuring and to corporatisation of Bank Pertanian Malaysia. Bank Pertanian Malaysia was established under the Act Parliment 1969. It was a 100% government body where its staff salary scheme, yearly budget and business direction are followed the goverment. But its nature of operation was 100% like an private sector.

As result of the development, Government has decided to corporatised Bank Pertanian Malaysia. The journey to corporatise Bank Pertanian was initiated by Bank Negara Malaysia in 2005. A Steering Commitee chaired by Governor was established in 2005. The members were from Economic Planning Unit, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, Public Service Department and Bank Pertanian Malaysia (the Chairman was the member). This steering committee was aided by Policy Committe and Technical Committee. As a head of Corporate Planning, my involment was in the paper writings and did a secretariat job. We did many presentation to Bank Negara, Ministry of Agriculture and Economic Planning Unit (EPU).