As CIA, I only learnt about Integrity

After serving as Chief Internal Auditor about three years in Agrobank, I only learnt about integrity. Let see what do I mean:

  • Board members should have very high integrity in running a company. There should have any conflict of interest among them.
  • Audit Commitee Chairman should not sit any board comittee especially where it involves business desision.
  • It is adviseable, Audit Commitee chairman should not sit in Board’s Risk Management Committee.
  • Chairman of the board should not chair any board commitee where it involves business decision.
  • Audit commitee and risk management commitee should familiar with the internal control framework and enterprise risk management (ERM).

2 Responses to “As CIA, I only learnt about Integrity”

  1. Eric Says:

    Hi there, I’m very fortunate to have stumbled upon this site as you’re a very experienced person in the Corporate world specifically in the banking sector. I hope you can help me out as I would like to know what to expect and what is the job scope like for an auditor (Head Office Operations)? Thanks !

    • mansid Says:

      For malaysian banks, the job scopes for the auditors are already spelled out in the Guidelines and circulars issued by Central Bank of Malaysia. It includes auditing for departments in the Head Office. In general, the focus is more on “critical areas” such as investment, credit operation, saving mobilisation, ICT, insurance underwriting, hedging…..

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