Oversea Trips

I must thanks to the Agrobank giving me many chances to visit many countries for official purposes. The Phillippines was the first country I went. The organisation sent me to Manila attending Basic Management in Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in Makati, Manila. The course was about one month.

Iran was the second country I visited. The bank sent me to Agricultute Bank of Iran. I went with a few staff from Bank Pertanian (now is Agrobank of Malaysia) The Agriculture Bank of Iran is located in Tehran. We went about a week.

The third place I went was Osaka, Japan. I went under the program of Malaysia Look East Policy. The objective of the program was to learn about good practices in Japan, and when we back home, we should be able to apply what good things we learnt. There were nealy 45 goverment officers was attended the program. We learnt about Japanese culture, work ethics and business culture.

I have a chanced to visit Taiwan. The trip was about two weeks. In that trip I was one of the Malaysian delegation to attend workshop on agriculture finance. The other representives from Malaysia were from Agriculture Department, Fishery Department, Development Bank of Malaysia (know is known as Infrastructure Bank).

During my service in the Bank, I had an opportunity to pursue my post graduate in the United States. I went to University of Detroit Mercy and did my Master Degree in Economics. I was in 1990-1992.

The last country I visited is Netherlands. There we 5 of us included 2 of board members. We leaent about risk management, corporate governance, branc operation and credit management.

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One Response to “Oversea Trips”

  1. papario Says:

    wow, nikmatnya kerja di Agrobank bisa visit overseas countries. How jealous I am :). My Company (Bringin Life) sent me twice to Tokyo – Japan. The First time is to attend a seminar and took a tour aranged by Daiichi Life. And this year they sent me again to accompany the (incurance) agents that have won prizes.

    Hmm, senang bisa mengenal anda. Anda bisa jadi orang yang hebat.


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