I went to United States

In 1990 I got scholarship from Malaysian Goverment to pursue a post graduate in the United States. I went with my family. I did a master degree in Economics at the University of Detroit Mercy. We lived in Ferndale, about 2 kilometers from the University of Detroit Mercy. I still remember, we stayed in 9th Mile Road, Ferdale. But I can’t remember the apartment where we stayed.

It was Fall when we came. I remember we bought a car named Pontiac which cost only $1,200. My first challenge when we came was to find shools for my two kids. My first kid, Adilla was 9 year old; the second is Iqwan (6 years old); and Aqeeda was 6 months.

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3 Responses to “I went to United States”

  1. miza Says:

    im a agriculture student/plantation technology mgt student from uitm..was it possible for me to work in agrobank… based on your experienced which department i may work…if i apply for it. tq in advanced

    • mansid Says:

      You will be attached in credit management at the branch office or at the head office. Normally you will be attached at the branch where you get hand-on experience in handling loan processing, do site supervision and make contact with customers. You will given enough training in assessing new loans and managing loan before be posted to the branch. Based on my experience, working in a branch say in Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Miri, Kuala Kangsar, Kuala Terengganu is interesting. You will meet fishermen, planters and many more….some of our young credit officer married the daughter of the fishermen, planters..

  2. iqwan Says:

    Its start with 1A or something.

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